Current Students

J. Burdette Barker (Postdoc)

Picture of Burdette Barker

Burdette completed his Ph.D. in May 2017, and is now working as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate under the supervision of Christopher Neale and Derek Heeren. His research focuses on developing VRI prescription maps based on satellite and unmanned aircraft imagery.

Sandeep Bhatti (M.S. student)

Sandeep did his undergraduate degree in Agricultural Engineering at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, India. During this degree, he developed specific interests in irrigation engineering, water conservation, watershed management, groundwater storage, and related subjects. He decided to pursue his master's degree and received an opportunity at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln under the supervision of Dr. Derek Heeren. His M.S. will be in Agricultural and Biological Systems Engineering, and his research is focusing on variable rate irrigation management, incorporating data from unmanned aircraft and satellites. (More on Sandeep's story here.)